Meet the Founder

Eric Henson is President and Founder of the OLEX Group, a Smart Systems Integrator for Homes and Small Businesses. Eric is passionate about new emerging technologies and leads the OLEX Group in finding innovative, practical and affordable ways for clients to better enjoy how they live at home and function at work. Eric helps home owners and small businesses cut through the complexity of new smart technologies and enjoy the benefits of solutions that save time, energy and are secure.

Eric has been an entrepreneur, engineer, and consultant for over 20 years where he has been working with clients to find solutions to complex problems. Eric’s in depth knowledge of emerging smart technologies benefits OLEX Group clients by maximizing their investments and increasing the value of their property and businesses.

Our Professional Affiliations and Certifications

OLEX Group understands your needs to have work done with great care and professional acumen.  You desire having a level of comfort that the work will not only look and work great, but be done in a timely manner.  That is why OLEX Group takes pride in obtaining certifications and building partnerships with the most trusted brands in the industry.  We work with you to install, configure, and integrate the top technology all to achieve the user experience you desire.

Our R&D lab is continuously testing new products and new product configurations so that they work in harmony.  We bring our knowledge to you  when we arrive at your home or office.  We have included a list of certifications held by our staff. For additional questions about certifications, accreditations, and partnerships, please contact us by phone: 703-400-1142  or by email:

OLEX Group

The OLEX Group is an Integrator of Smart Technologies. The OLEX Group works with clients to implement innovative, practical, and affordable smart solutions in their homes and businesses. The OLEX Group’s 25 years of experience in technology, business systems and home construction gives you a company with all the necessary skills to enhance your daily experience and increase your peace of mind. We are focused in helping clients find hidden value in technology innovation as the Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes how we live at home, manage our utilities, and oversee our household  and business functions.