Designing Your Home Network – Improving Wireless Performance

We have all experienced this…we move to a certain part of the house and it seems like we are in a cave or we are sitting on the couch and suddenly, the latest hit show is frozen on our tablet. Or we may be reading an article, chatting with friends, listening to streaming music and the connection on our device bogs down.  We are no longer part of the world in which we live, we are frustrated with our devices and we wait, reboot, reconnect, wait some more.

Often, these disruptions are a result of our Wi-Fi signal losing strength or we are moving into a location in our house that doesn’t have adequate signal coverage and we have hit a dead spot. Wi-Fi is nothing more than radio waves that connect our devices to the outside world.  These radio waves work better when there is less interference from objects, walls, floors etc. or the distance between the device and antenna isn’t too great. So there are some choices you can make to improve your Wi-Fi:

  • Get better amplification (source or repeaters)
  • Reposition the amplification to avoid objects
  • By-pass Wi-Fi and go with Ethernet cable
  • Get a device with better connectivity
  • Combinations of the above

All of this takes time, planning and experience. The OLEX Group works with clients to overcome these challenges and we take a simple approach.  We come in and evaluate your current and future requirements for staying connected and recommend proven solutions that meet your needs and budget.

The wireless plan we customize for you includes the following:

  • Examine how you use your home wireless network
  • Assess your network components to include ISP, routers, firewalls, structured wiring, wireless access points, repeaters, etc.
  • Measure signal strength throughout you home and identify week spots
  • Provide a network design and proposed layout
  • Develop a budget for the project and a timeline for implementing the new solution
  • Provide training on how to use and maintenance your new network technology
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