Smart Home Features You Will Want Before Guests Arrive

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to update your home technology so that your out-of-town guests will feel right at home.

Home automation can help you take care of your home easily and conveniently. That’s especially important when you’re busy with other tasks or you just want to sit back and enjoy the company of friends and family.

A Healthy WiFi Network

When people travel these days, they usually bring their portable technology with them – smartphones, tables, laptops and handheld gaming systems. You may want to check and make sure you can connect to WiFi in guest rooms, recreation rooms or other places in your home where family and friends may hang out.

In large homes, for example, signals from the wireless router may not be able to reach the opposite side of your residence. Older houses constructed before WiFi technology was available may have thick walls that don’t allow signals to penetrate easily. These types of problems can be mitigated with upgrades to your technology infrastructure.

Having a robust WiFi network with no dead zones that allows everyone to log in and surf the web, access email or play video games makes it a better, stress-free experience.

Separate WiFi Network Just for Guests

Usually when Uncle Joe or Aunt Sue visits, you hand over your network password so they can hop on your WiFi connection so they can get the kids connected or check their emails. But here’s the thing: they then have access to everything on your network. Your files, banking information and other data you may want to keep private. Is that what you really want? 

Setting up a separate WiFi access point for your guests can help protect the integrity of your computer network. It may be prudent to keep them off your access point, especially if your home office or business shares your network space.

Automated lighting and motion sensors to control utility costs

Being able to brighten or dim the lights in a room with just a touch from your smartphone or tablet is a fantastic ability to have. It allows you to adjust the atmosphere in the room as you like whether brighter for reading or playing board games to dimmer for napping on the sofa or movie night. Motion sensors detect when you’re in a room and will turn lights on and cycle them off when no one is there. That can be important when you have guests. They don’t have to fumble to find the light switch in an unfamiliar room. Automated lighting also helps control energy costs. You aren’t paying for lights on in an empty room.

Know Who’s at the Door – And Let Them In

While security cameras are great deterrents to porch pirates – thieves who steal packages from your doorstep, they also allow you to see who is coming to visit. You can monitor the activity around your residence to give you peace of mind as delivery persons, repairman or others come to call.

When guests are early and you’re not yet home from work, remote door access gives you the capability to unlock the door to your residence from your smartphone or tablet. It’s also a convenient option when you do not have an extra door key.

How do you use your home automation to make guests feel more at home? Head over to Facebook and let us know. Want to know more about making your home a smart home? Contact OLEX Group at

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