WTOP: 5 tech tips for your next home renovation

When renovating a kitchen, a bathroom or adding living space to your house, this is the perfect time to consider the technology needs of your family for today and into the future. Each family and home have unique needs and desires to improve their technology infrastructure while improving or adding to other parts of their home. Homeowners are often frustrated with WIFI coverage, missed energy savings opportunities or general desire to spruce up lighting or shading. While your home is getting a face lift, that’s the time to improve your home’s technical infrastructure to improve security, entertainment and convenience. The following pictures are 5 technology areas to consider.

Structured Wiring – Today’s homes are getting more connected each year – smart phones, tablets, streaming audio and video, 4K programming is stretching our current technical infrastructure thin. When renovating a home, walls are open and drywall repairs will be made – this is the time to add adequate structured wiring such as Ethernet, COAX and other wiring to improve your wired and wireless performance.

Wireless Coverage – Most homes have dead spots and areas with poor reception due to poorly located Wireless Access Points (WAP) and dense material between devices and the WAP.  Strategically adding and distributing meshed WAPs to key points in the house will eliminate those dead spots and greatly improve performance of your phones, tablets and other devices.

Energy Savings – 50% of utility bills are driven by heating and cooling of your home. The addition of a smart thermostat can reduce your utility bill by 12-15% and pay for itself in 2-3 years. Additionally, connected lighting and shading can add to your energy savings and greatly improve the aesthetics of any room.

Security – Recent wireless connected security technology has made it easier than ever to add door and window sensors, motion detectors, locks, and cameras that can all be integrated and synced to your smartphone for control and security.

Entertainment – Your home renovation project is the perfect time to add a whole home audio system to conceal speaker wires for in-wall, in-ceiling, book shelf and outdoor speakers to make your system sound and look great. Also, add Ethernet and COAX to all the TV locations in your new space to best take advantage of that new Smart TV.

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